Ways to pass a drug test

A drug test can be a cause of distress for those who do drugs and it can certainly be very depressing to lose a job opportunity just because you choose to smoke pot every weekend. What is so bad about relieving stress by the occasional use of some drugs?

Why should someone be judged on the basis of the fact that they use drugs than on the basis of their skills?

It is unfair for many of us who like to use certain drugs in well regulated amounts. It is a different thing to be addicted to drug use but if someone likes to use them just for fun, they should not be made to lose an opportunity that could help their career grow.

Unfortunately, we cannot change the rules and this one is going to stay for a long time. If you are someone who likes to do drugs on an occasional basis then you should always be ready for a drug test.

absolute detox drinkIf you have a job interview soon enough, you should stop using any kind of substance till the date of your drug test. So, how can one make sure that their system is clean before the drug test?

Can you produce a favorable result despite having smoked pot or used any other kind of substance in just the past few days?

How to clean out your system in 24 hours? There are many questions which plague us drug users every time we hear about a drug test and the answer to them depends on various factors.

What one must understand is that some drugs stay in the system for much longer than other but despite this, it is not exactly possible to get rid of them completely in the short span of just one day. However you still can use detox drinks to mask toxins in your urine before the drug test.


First, one must know what kind of drug test they are going to have to clear. There are basically four types of drug tests which can be used either during the hiring process or randomly to keep a check on the drug habits of existing employees.

They are urine drug test, blood test, hair test, and mouth swab test. The most commonly conducted one is urinalysis of urine drug test because it is much cheaper than the others and also very accurate.

Besides, urinalysis can be used to detect the presence of many drugs like marijuana, methamphetamine, crack cocaine, and heroin with a high level of accuracy. Hair and blood drug tests are even more accurate but there costs usually surpass their utility which is why most firms like to use urinalysis.

If you have a urine drug test soon, the best thing you can do is dilute your urine as much as you can and get rid of the metabolites in your system by speeding up your metabolism. But how can you do this?

Well, unfortunately you can not, but you can always fool the system with some good quality synthetic urine or detox drinks. Both work, I personally prefer synthetic urine, but both are risk free (If you choose the right product).