Drug detox drinks – What is the best and worst brand

There are many drug detox drink on the market, some work some doesn’t, you must check out some detox drink reviews before deciding. Your job or even your freedom is on the line so you have to check everything carefully, not just pick one randomly from Walmart.

What are the most reliable detox drinks for drug test

The best detox drinks for drug test are : Mega clean, Rescue cleanse and Absolute detox. These are trusted brands, their reviews are flawless and they are not much more expenive, then any other brand. I personally prefer Mega Clean detox because it comes with detox pills (Toxin Rid) which makes it even more effective. If you decide to go with Mega Clean then I suggest you to start your detox program 1-2 days earlier, because it takes some time for the pills to kick in.

You can also start detoxing your body, when I say detoxing, it means:

Doing exercise (what makes you sweat), eat healthy (fruits and vegetables are great fiber sources), drink lots of water to flush toxins out of your system and STOP smoking marijuana. EVen if detox drinks for drug test start working within one hour and mask toxins for up to 5 hours its still better to stop smoking. The higher the THC level in your body your your chance to pass the test is slimmer.

Rescue Cleanse and Absolute detox

These two detox drinks are great too, but they don’t come with pills. There are two version from both 16 and32OZ, depends on your smokig habits and bodyweight. Honestly I think I would always choose te bigger one, just to be on the safe side.To make your chance better I highly suggest to do the natural detoxing process what I mentioned earlier. Both detox drink work the exact same way as Mega Clean.

Detox drink you should avoid

detox drinks

There are a few detox drinks for drug test what you should avoid at all cost. These drinks are usually just flavoured beverages with added B12 vitamin which makes your urine look more yellow. I would suggest you to stay away from Pure detox,Magnum detox drink, Rely detox, High Voltage, STealh detox and Rescue Detox ice. There are a lot more, but the list is too long and the article is already long enough, So mark my word and do not use these detox solutions because you will fail its guaranteed.

If you have an upcoming drug test then always go with the rusted brand. YOu should also check ou some detox reviews, just to make sure you don’t buycrap. If the test is supervised then Mega Clean detox drink is the best choice hands down. However if your test is unsupervised then synthetic urine is the best and safest option.