Treating Bipolar Disorders with a Common Street Drug: Pot

Recently I have been diagnosed with situational depression, meaning in high stressed situations or environments I go into a panic and cannot function properly. I was put on a temporary medication to see if it can balance me out. I did some research with my family history and found out an interesting, but scary fact.

Most of the woman in my biological family, (I am adopted by the way), have been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. Feeling a bit concerned about the fact that I am already experiencing some imbalances myself, I did some research. I have found that most Bipolar disorders are treated with the same medications has a person with depression would take. This does not make sense to me because Bipolar disorder is more serious, but hey what do I know I’m just a commoner.

Researching non prescription medications for Bipolar and finding studies that have in depth data records is almost impossible. A person could spend hours at a time doing this, just as I have. I did however find one study.

common street drugs

From this site I gathered some information on tests and research performed with the use of Marijuana to treat Bipolar disorders.

A study was performed at the Netherlands National Institute of Mental Health and Addiction. The Institute wanted to run test and research the link between marijuana use bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression.

Of course their findings, like all the others were inconclusive, however they did discover a link between the marijuana use and the disorder but could not find the reason why.

Many people believe that Marijuana calms your nerves and when you are in a mental state such as Bipolar, you are anxious, and therefore it usually does its job.

Most people with mood disorders or depression that seek help from professionals have a drug addiction upon arriving, but are told by many that this method isn’t working for them, or is it? Is it actually working for them and it is just today’s society frowning up the use of these street drugs to cure such a disorder? Only more testing and ongoing research will tell. In the mean time we will have to hope to come across an Institutes finding of consistently accurate test results with the drug being helpful.